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About us

María García Vera and Juan Miranda have been collaborating since 2010. Together we research the frontiers between fiction and reality in cinema and in stage: What does it mean to include the cinema in the scene? What would it mean to "shoot on celluloid" in physical and choreographic terms? These are some of the questions that drive our work. We explore an excessive and passionate performativity, which leads gestures to exhaustion. A body that far from being digital is pure matter and presence. In our new work, we take the universe of Werner Herzog, to investigate the intimate relationship between power and powerlessness. How far can the force of a vision go?



Vera Miranda presented in 2011 Micrología Primera at La Caldera and at l’ Estruch, within the framework of the 3 creative processes initiative, offered by La Porta. During 2012 Micrología Segunda: The descent of Facunda Volupta  was presented at the Sweets (Assaults of experimental scene, by La Porta), at the Institut del Teatre and at the Theatre Pradillo in Madrid, within the project Occupations (La Porta). The piece was also presented  at the Centro Párraga (Murcia ), at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Santa Mónica ( In Situ festival) and at the Antic Teatre ( Barcelona). Werner or the blue of the origins is their third scenic project. As a escenic research, the piece had been presented in their diferents periods of creation at the Dansa Ara Festival in La Pedrera, at The Graner, Sala Hiroshima (Fid : International open window of dance and scenics arts), ACT Festival ( Bilbao) and L'Animal a l´Esquena ( Malpelo Celrà).